Best Coronavirus Tracking Websites in Australia

Coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, the city of China. The whole world is facing a threat by this virus. Its symptoms resemble the symptoms of flu but this virus has no cure. Scientists are still trying to overcome this situation and develop a cure for this disease. This virus was first started in China and takes over 3,000 lives but now they have taken control over the situation. You can also protect yourself by washing your hands and using sanitizers. 

Currently, Australia is also affected by this virus. Over 6,203 coronavirus cases are there in Australia with over 53 reported deaths. This ratio is very less as compared to the other countries of the world.

In this article, we will show you the list of best tracking websites of COVID-19 in Australia.

  1. Track Corona – (
  3. TrackCov19 – (
  5. Worldometers
  6. Life Hacker
  7. Bing COVID-19 Tracker is an official website that is controlled by the Australian government. This site is one of the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in Australia. All the information available on this site is provided by the different Government agencies of the country.

This site provides information like how many total cases, total deaths and total recoveries of Coronavirus infected people. Much other information like the precautions and the actions of the Government of Australia against this virus. The best part about this site is that it provides the data in many different languages and you don’t need any registration. is another government website which is specially designed for public awareness regarding health. Today the world is facing many problems regarding the outbreak of COVID-19

This site provides the latest figures of coronavirus cases and many other relevant pieces of information regarding Coronavirus. As this is the official website of the Government of Australia, so all the information provided on this site will be trustworthy. This information is provided directly through the Government Agencies of Australia. This site has an attractive interface with many different sections. If you are interested in the information regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia, then this is the best tracking website available online. 


Worldometers is one of the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in Australia. These sites help you to know the current situation due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. If you are curious to know the current situation of Australia then here is the table by Worldometers.

Worldometers provides all necessary data regarding coronavirus. According to Worldometers, there are more than 6,203 cases of coronavirus in Australia. The current statistics are 6,203 total cases, 51+ new cases, 51 total deaths, +2 new deaths, and 3,141 total recoveries. Worldometers provides much data so that you can stay aware of the situation regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus.


LifeHacker ( is an unofficial website working as a tracking website of COVID-19 in Australia. This site provides all the latest data regarding coronavirus from different sources like Worldometers, JHU Maps, HealthMaps, etc.

Bing COVID Tracker

This is the global site that provides the coronavirus status of the whole world. Microsoft Bing has released its COVID tracker. This site provides an accurate number of active and total cases of coronavirus. 

This site gets data from different sources like the World Health Organization, Wikipedia, etc. This site also provides country-wise data of COVID-19. If you want to explore the latest situation of Australia by the effect of Coronavirus, then you can visit this site which does not require any kind of registration.

In the end, we will advise you to make regular use of sanitizer, avoid touching your face unnecessarily and stay home as much as possible. Thank You..!!

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